Outsourced CFO Services

Construction Business

Hovee CPA is proud to offer expertise in the field of construction accounting & management advising.

We have grown to love the construction industry, and our knowledge and experience make us especially qualified to partner with you in better understanding and operating your business.

Whether you are a one-man plumbing shop, or a home builder with 20 employees, we will help ensure your business is thriving and your accounting headaches are no more!

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What We Do for You

There are approximately 680,000 employers in the construction field contributing to the US economy *, and Hovee CPA understands that each one has unique needs. 

Not only will we help get your accounting straightened out and running smoothly, we will help you create consistent processes to most efficiently organize and understand your job costs & profitability.

Along those same lines, we can help automate many of the operational tasks that are currently manual and more of a drain on your resources than they should be. Whatever change you know is needed, we can help implement it in a way that is manageable and ultimately seen on the bottom line.

*Statistic taken from AGC Construction Data: https://www.agc.org/learn/construction-data

Quickbooks Online or Industry-Specific Software

For many business owners, the accounting is put on the back-burner and is a bit overwhelming when it’s finally addressed. You may be familiar with QuickBooks but not fully aware of its potential. Or you may be outgrowing the features QuickBooks has to offer and in need of something more specific to your industry, albeit at an affordable price point. At Hovee CPA, we are experts in helping you determine the best software fit for your unique needs. 

Here are just a few of the items we have helped other contractors with over the years:

  • Transitioning from one accounting product to another in order to produce job-specific reports  
  • Entering & reviewing transactions in QuickBooks remotely to ensure accurate and secure accounting on a regular basis
  • Integrating operational software (out in the field) with accounting software such as QuickBooks so that invoices or even expenses can be brought in automatically
  • Transitioning from an ‘on-paper’ accounting & payroll system to QuickBooks Online, ensuring that ALL year-to-date accounting transactions are entered accurately. Owner is provided with instantaneous profit & loss reports as a result
  • Transitioning to include an administrator/accountant, helping with every step of the process to ensure the admin is well-qualified and well equipped to maintain solid accounting records

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