How We Can Help

There are thousands of pages of US tax code – let Hovee CPA sort through it for you! Some of the most common personal finance needs include…

  • Federal and state tax return consultation & preparation
  • Assistance with amendments & past due filings
  • Self-employed income tax compliance & startup accounting
  • Financial goal setting
  • Budgeting assistance

At Hovee CPA you won’t get lost in the crowd. Hovee CPA’s small and intimate team provides personalized and genuine service at affordable prices!

Business Tax Preparation

Taxes are already a complex and often frustrating process. Now you have to navigate business taxes as well!

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At Hovee CPA, we seek to empower our clients by teaching them how their businesses will be impacted by current and upcoming tax laws. 

We will help you understand your taxable income & expenses, depreciated items, industry-specific deductions and more. It is our goal to empower you, and giving you tax knowledge specific to your situation is one way we achieve this goal. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you better understand your situation. 

Tax Planning

Sit down with us at Hovee CPA, and we can develop a plan that will eliminate stress and save you time & energy. 

Hovee CPA can work with you to determine how your generous contributions can help you save on taxes!

Hovee CPA can walk you through these decisions step-by-step so that you achieve peace of mind as it relates to the tax side of your investment planning. 

There are an infinite number of 

personal situations that have 

unique tax implications.


Contact Hovee CPA to get the 

support you need today!

Past Due Tax Returns

Have you ever been late on your taxes? Sometimes life happens, and you miss the filing deadline!

Whether you are facing one year of unfiled tax returns or several, let Hovee CPA navigate the waters of getting you up to speed & filed. 

Hovee CPA also partners with an excellent local tax attorney should your situation require extra assistance!