Tax Preparation Pricing

At Hovee CPA, we know that your situation is unique so we individualize our process to meet your specific circumstances. We offer several packages to help our clients get an idea of the price of their tax return preparation. 

All packages include 1 free state filing. (Additional states are $45 each unless the return requires unique income allocation adjustments).


Standard Deduction Package: $95-$250

This package includes W-2 income, dependent information, childcare expenses, and retirement income for individuals or families who take the standard deduction. 

*Approximately 80% of Americans filing taxes will take the standard deduction – even including homeowners, charitable contributors, and those with medical bills. However, Hovee CPA always examines each option to determine which is most beneficial for each client. 

Itemized Package: $200-$300

  • Includes the items listed in the standard deduction package. 
  • Itemized deduction includes items such as: charitable contributions, medical expenses, mortgage interest, and state/property taxes. 
  • The itemized deduction is applicable when a taxpayer’s itemized deductions exceed the current standard deduction of $12,400 (for individuals), $18,650 (for head of households), or $24,800 (for married filing jointly).

Additional Income Forms - in addition to an above package

*You can also receive a $25 Amazon gift card for a successful referral!*

Additional Services:

Self-Prepared Tax Review – $70 and up 

In these days of online DIY tax preparation, many taxpayers express doubts about the accuracy of their self-prepared returns. For a nominal fee, Hovee CPA will review your return and provide general feedback. 

It is our goal to empower you when it comes to your tax situation, but we also give you the peace of mind having discussed your specifics with a professional. 

Our professionals are not just tax-preparers! We partner with you in your specific tax circumstances to help you feel confident every step of the way.